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About us

We are a small but mighty company based out of K’jipuktuk/Halifax and we aim to make raw, engaging and highly theatrical work. Our mission is to create spaces in which artists and audiences can engage, invent, challenge and ultimately, connect in the uniting wonder that theatre has to offer.

We seek to create under the guiding principles of compassion, innovation, authenticity, equity and connectivity.

Artistic Directors

Image Description: Gillian is smiling with her aforementioned open mouthed troll doll smile. She is a white woman with cotton candy pink hair and is looking at the camera lovingly, for her
love took the photo.

Gillian Clark
(co-artistic director)

Gillian Clark (she/her) is a disabled multidisciplinary theatre creator and the co-artistic director of Keep Good (Theatre) Company. She is a settler of British descent, with a smile that consumes most of her face, resembling a Troll Doll, and scars that cover most of her legs, resembling birch trees. She currently resides in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal, with a large part of her heart in Kjipuktuk/Halifax. Gillian is a graduate of the National Theatre School’s playwriting program and aims to create with joy, innovation and risk.

Her plays include: Trojan Girls and the Outhouse of Atreus (Outside the March, Factory Theatre, Neworld Theatre, The National Arts Centre), POOF, (Geordie Theatre), The Ruins (Two Planks and a Passion Theatre), Let’s Try This Standing and Adventures (Keep Good (Theatre) Company). She has held residencies with Nightswimming, Outside the March, 2b theatre and Two Planks and a Passion Theatre.

Image Description: Laura, a white woman with light brown hair, is smiling with her chin resting on her slightly closed fist, her fingers relaxed. She wears a blue and turquoise plaid blazer. Some of her bangs flow off to the right side in a stylish wave.

Laura Vingoe-Cram
(co-artistic director)

Laura is a freelance director, dramaturge and producer and co-artistic director of Keep Good (Theatre) Company in Halifax/Kjipuktuk, Nova Scotia.

Her recent directing credits include Mexico City (Matchstick Theatre), Play Building (Ships Company Theatre), Love and Information (The Fountain School of Performing Arts), The Children (Keep Good (Theatre) Company), Miss N Me (Eastern Front Theatre), Interactions with Art (Halifax Theatre for Young People), Time of Trouble (Opera Nova Scotia), Constellations (Keep Good (Theatre) Company). In 2018 she completed a year at the Stratford Festival, working as an Assistant Director under Nigel Shawn Williams and as a member of the Michael Langham Workshop for Classical Direction. In 2015 she graduated from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow with a master’s in direction. www.lauravingoecram.com

Board of Directors

Ben Stone (President)

Catherine Banks (Vice President)

Angus Miller (Treasurer)

Griffin McInnes(Secretary)

Veronique Mackenzie

Adrian Lee


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