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Past Projects

Three actors rehearse a scene onstage with an older man on the right teaching two women a dance move. they stand in a rustic set with household props like a basket, lamp, and toy car, portraying a lively atmosphere.
The Children
A joyful woman with long hair dances in front of a vibrantly lit blue and green graffiti wall, wearing a flowing blue dress. she has one arm gracefully raised, fingers poised, and a broad smile on her face.
Let’s Try This Standing
A theatrical performer with expressive makeup stands on a tree branch at night, bathed in red lighting. she wears a sleeveless top and cargo pants, manipulating red strings attached to her fingers, creating a dramatic, puppeteer-like pose.
Adventures: The Play
A wood table with a white notecard featuring a simple pen drawing of a bare tree, a cup of coffee with a gold handle to the right, and a pair of wireless earbuds in an open case to the left.
Adventures: The Book
Two actors, a man and a woman, hold hands and face each other on a dimly lit stage, under a ceiling adorned with numerous small, glowing, amber-colored lanterns. they are smiling, engaged in a moment of connection.
Two women, one Black (Kalale Dalton-Lutale) and one white (Gillian Clark), they are sitting on a bench while chatting. Both hold coffee, they face each other, looking like they are talking about something thoughtfully.
A promotional image featuring a young woman with striking teal hair and a thoughtful expression. text overlays include "keep good (theatre) company," "gonzalo’s map," and social media details, indicating an online event or production.
Gonzalo’s Map (The Prototype)
A dynamic painting depicts joan of arc, wearing armor, riding a white horse amidst a cheering crowd with flags in a medieval french town. her expression is solemn and determined as she carries a banner.
The Joan Project
A young girl in a pink dress and a boy in a red shirt sit at a small wooden table with a colorful birthday cake, in a room with yellow walls and children’s drawings displayed. the girl smiles excitedly while the boy gazes at the cake.
Mr. Marmalade
A woman on stage, highlighted by warm lighting, holds an accordion, looking intently to her left. she wears a patterned shawl over a dress, set against a backdrop featuring a stylized moon and stars.

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