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Gillian Clark (artistic co-director)

Gillian Clark is the artistic co-director of Keep Good (Theatre) Company and is a theatre creator residing in Montreal, Quebec. Gillian was the 2015/2016 emerging artist in residence with 2b theatre company and was part of Tarragon’s 2016/2017 playwrights unit. She is currently developing Adventures with Keep Good and Outside the March. This new piece is about youth, ephemerality, and youtube stick n poke tattoo tutorials. She is currently a playwriting student at NTS.

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Karen Gross (artistic co-director)

Karen Gross is a Halifax based producer. She spends most of her time with 2b theatre company. Karen is also the resident producer for the Accidental Mechanics Group (Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death, The Unfamiliar Everything) and works as a consultant with Strategic Arts Management. She has also worked with Zuppa Theatre, Live Art Dance, HomeFirst Theatre, and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Karen is the co-founder of the StART Festival, an interdisciplinary festival of art by emerging artists at the Bus Stop Theatre. She graduated from the University of King’s College in 2014 with a combined honours degree in theatre and contemporary philosophy.


Laura Vingoe-Cram (artistic co-director)

Laura Vingoe-Cram is a theatre director based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a masters degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Directing and is one of the co-artistic directors of Keep Good (Theatre) Company. Her recent directing credits include Interactions with Art (Halifax Theatre for Young People), Time of Trouble (Opera Nova Scotia), and Constellations (Keep Good (Theatre) Company). She is currently doing the Michael Langham director’s program at The Stratford Festival where she assistant directed Nigel Shawn Williams’ production of To Kill a Mockingbird. She will be directing Catherine Banks’s play Miss N Me with Eastern Front Theatre in 2019.