By Gillian Clark

Meet PJ in Foreverland:

A land where he can talk about being 15, hitting the vape and smoking j’s, and watching mermaid porn with his bros.  It is also a place where he can seek approval for his darkest secrets, like leaving 14 year old Wendy after getting her pregnant.

Meet Wendy in Neverland:

It is here that she talks about getting her ears pierced, getting drunk at field parties, and wanting to feel desired. Neverland is also the place she goes to attempt to make sense of the reality of her choices, like deciding whether or not to keep the baby.

Adventures follows the intertwining stories of PJ and Wendy as they navigate an unplanned pregnancy and a new relationship. A mash-up of sorts of A.A. Milne, J.M. Barrie and Youtube stick ‘n poke tutorials, Gillian Clark’s newest piece explores youth, ephemerality, and goodbyes. Currently being developed with Outside the March and Tarragon’s Playwright’s Unit, the play had its first work-in-progress readings in Toronto (Tarragon) and Halifax (Eastern Front) in May 2017.