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Adventures: The Book

Creative Team

  • Illustration by Jen Bulthuis
  • Text/Concept by Gillian Clark
  • Composition/Sound Design by Jackson Fairfax-Perry
  • Illustration by Jen Bulthuis
  • Performance by Ann-Marie Kerr and Gillian Clark
  • Performance Direction by Christian Barry and Sadie Laflamme-Snow
  • Co-Conspired by Gillian Clark, Sadie Laflamme-Snow and Christian Barry
  • Land Acknowledgement Consultation by William Johnson
  • Adventures with Image Description Consultation Daphnée Sorel-Coupal
  • Composition/Sound Design Mentor Aaron Collier
  • Produced by Laura Vingoe-Cram and Gillian Clark (Keep Good (Theatre) Company)
  • Print Design by Alex Mann
  • Web Design by Justin Thomas
  • Title Graphic Design by Colleen MacIsaac
  • Recorded at Village Sound (and in Sophia Black’s closet)
  • Printed at BookArt


For Mature Audiences

Adventures: The Book is inspired by the fisher price cassette tape books that I’d get at garage sales growing up. The set was a cassette tape and a book, that came in a Ziploc bag that I would store under my bed. The tape had chimes in it that would tell you when to flip the page. I wanted to share that Ziploc, cassette tape picture book magic with you.

Get ready to press play, get cozy, and be carried away in a story that is for the hopeful and the hopeless.

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