Mr. Marmalade

mr marm
Gillian Clark and Griffin McInnes in Mr. Marmalade, photo by Ted Pritchard 

In July 2013, we produced the Halifax premiere of Mr. Marmalade in a south end living room. Written by acclaimed American playwright Noah Haidle, Mr. Marmalade tells the story of Lucy, a lonely four-year-old who has an imaginary friend named Mr. Marmalade. Unfortunately, Mr. Marmalade never seems to have enough time for her. The play snaps from comic to tragic and back again as it explores friendship, loneliness, and the unexpected things children absorb from the adults around them.

Directed by Laura Vingoe- Cram and produced by Karen Gross, the show starred Patrick Blenkarn, Matt Buckman, Gillian Clark, Eric Cunningham, Anna Dubinski, and Griffin McInnes.

Kate Watson called the show “very, very good” and Andrea Nemetz previewed the show on the cover of the Arts & Life section of the Chronicle Herald.

Click here for Mr. Marmalade‘s tumblr.