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The Children runs May 9 – 19 at The Bus Stop Theatre

Keep Good (Theatre) Company is proud to produce the Atlantic Canadian premiere of Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children.


Based on stories surrounding the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, The Children takes place after a nuclear meltdown in the UK, which has left a large portion of the country uninhabitable. In an isolated cottage by the sea, Hazel and Robin, two retired nuclear scientists, try to live out the rest of their days in relative peace until Rose, an old friend and former colleague, arrives and tries to convince them to come back to work. Shocked by the request, Hazel refuses, believing her retirement was well earned.  


Each performance also features an opening act, typically beginning one hour before the performance. The full schedule of opening acts will be available in April.

8 pm Thursday May 9 (Preview)
8 pm Friday May 10 (Opening Night)
8 pm Saturday May 11
2 pm Sunday May 12
8 pm Tuesday May 14
8 pm Wednesday May 15
8 pm Thursday May 16
8 pm Friday May 17
8 pm Saturday May 18
2 pm Sunday May 19


Tickets will be available via TicketHalifax in April. Tickets are available on a Pay What You Can Basis in advance and cost $20 when purchased at the door.


Martha Irving
Lee J. Campbell
Mauralea Austin


Director – Laura Vingoe-Cram
Lighting Designer – Vicky Williams
Sound Designer – Tori Morrison
Set Designer – Stephen Osler
Assistant Set Designer – Patricia Vinluan
Production Manager – Patricia Vinluan
Stage Manager – Christine Oakey
Producer – Karen Gross
Associate Producer – Rena Thomas


Call for Associate Producer – The Children

Keep Good (Theatre) Company is seeking an Associate Producer for the Atlantic Canadian premiere of Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children, directed by Laura Vingoe-Cram, running May 9 – 19 2019 at the Bus Stop Theatre.

Deadline: February 6 2019, 5 pm

Click here for details.

Halifax Auditions – The Children

We are pleased to announce our open call for auditions for the Atlantic Canadian premiere of Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children.


Rose Gender:  Female Age:  mid sixties  
Rose is an impulsive woman who makes bold choices. She is a breast cancer survivor and former nuclear scientist. British.


Hazel Gender:  Female Age:  mid sixties  
Hazel is a fastidious and careful woman who always does the “the right thing” She is a former nuclear scientist. British.


Robin Gender:  male Age:  mid sixties  
Robin is married to Hazel. He is a former nuclear scientist who suffers from depression. British.

Click here for details.

Seek the Nerves – first workshop

seek the nerves workshop team photo

From left, front row: Stewart Legere, Jack Williams, Amy Keeler, and T. Thomason
From left, back row: Miranda Bowron, Meghan Hubley, Rhiannon Collett, and Gillian Clark

This week we are workshopping Meghan Hubley’s new play, Seek the Nerveswith an incredible team of collaborators. Stay tuned for more details about this project.

Seek the Nerves call for collaborators

Keep Good seeks collaborators to participate in the development of Meghan Hubley’s forthcoming play, Seek the Nerves. 

Submission deadline: August 1 2018

Find full details here.



Adventures workshop in Halifax

Last week we were thrilled to collaborate with actor Bahia Watson and director Christian Barry in a workshop of Gillian Clark’s new play, Adventures. Stay tuned for details about the world premiere of this play in Halifax.


Let’s Try This Standing gets wild

We’re heading to Montreal for the first time as part of the Wildside Festival at Centaur Theatre. Let’s Try This Standing has four performances from January 5-9. Tell your friends!

Click here for festival details.