Germination 2.0 is here!

Image Description: At the top of the image it reads “Germination: growing new ideas”. Below is a photo of two women, one Black (Kalale Dalton-Lutale) and one white (Gillian Clark), they are sitting on a bench while chatting. Both hold coffee, they face each other, looking like they are talking about something thoughtfully. The photo is in a blob like bubble on a beige background. There is a leaf drawing in the right corner. In the left corner the text reads “ December 6th-15th. Facilitated on Zoom by Kalale Dalton-Lutale and Gillian Clark.

Germination is back! December 6th – 15th, 2022

Sometimes the hardest step in a project is the beginning.  You have an idea but it’s based on a tiny kernel, unshakeable feeling, something that is indescribable. You know there’s something in there, but it’s hard to get from a to b. 

Facilitated by Kalale Dalton-Lutale and Gillian Clark, with access coordination by Sara Graham, this Zoom workshop is designed to take your idea to the next stages of development; whether that be putting pen to paper, or finding a medium that can best support your vision. Germination is for collectively dreaming, to nourish you for the future steps of your project.

We are offering selected applicants an honorarium of $2,000 for their time, collaboration and creativity. We are looking for applicants who are interested in collaboration and cracking open their ideas. We are committed to supporting equity seeking artists, which may include artists who identify as IBPOC, Queer, Disabled, Neurodivergent or living with a chronic illness and/or chronic pain. We have allocated funds to support participants who may have a variety of access needs (including but not limited child care, ASL interpretation, fidget spinners, etc) and meal vouchers for all participants when we meet. The meeting dates are December 6th, 7th, 9th, 13th & 15th 2022 on Zoom from 5:30-8:30 pm EST, with an optional showcase on May 8th, 2023. All levels of experience are welcome. Deadline to apply is November 4th. Any questions can be sent to

Please find full workshop description HERE and apply HERE.

ASL application video HERE. (Applicants who would prefer to apply by ASL can send their video to