❤️ So maybe we think Valentine’s Day
is a sham, but in all honesty, all theatre companies
could use a little love right now. And by love. We mean
money. Keep Good is planning its biggest most
ambitious show yet and we’re in need of your love, so
we’re holding a 50/50 draw!

🎟 Tickets are $10 each, OR 3 for $20, OR 10 for $50,
OR 50 for $100!

🎁 Date is March 11th, 2022

✍️ But wait! There’s more!
Everyone’s a winner. All raffle participants will receive
a love poem written by award-winning Canadian
playwright, Gillian Clark.

[Image Description: Image Description: “Be Our Other
Half” and “50/50 fundraiser” spills cheesily and
sincerely over a heart and a vibrantly setting sky.
“Draw Date: March 11th” and “Keep Good (Theatre)
Company” are at the bottom and top of this image.
This image has the feeling of fuzzy pink slippers, a
cream cheese commercial, or a delightful queer
rom-com on the Hallmark channel.]

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