Gonzalo’s Map (The Prototype)

Keep Good (Theatre) Company is excited to present the first prototype production of Gonzalo’s Map, a theatrical experience that will take you on a journey through TikTok videos, live streams, Zoom calls and *gasp*, real hard copy letters.

Prosper is dying in a long term care home alone and estranged from his family. Ariella is his fifteen-year-old granddaughter who hasn’t seen him in years. Gonzalo, an old family friend, must try and reunite them before it is too late.

Created by Keep Good (Theatre) Company’s Co-artistic director; Laura Vingoe-Cram, Mary Vingoe, Garry Williams, Kiana MacDonnell, Anna Shepard and Catherine Banks. Gonzalo’s Map stars, Kiana MacDonnell as Ariella and Garry Williams as Gonzalo.

We are looking for a group of people to help us in the development process by taking part in the project and giving us feedback.

Click HERE to sign up

Click HERE to learn more

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