Tickets on Sale for Let’s Try This Standing

Poster design by Nicholas Hanlon

Let’s Try This Standing runs from January 13th-January 17th 2016 at the Neptune Scotiabank Studio Theatre. All shows are Pay What You Can when tickets are purchased in advance, and performances feature a diverse range of opening acts. Click below for tickets:

Wednesday January 13 (Preview)

Thursday January 14 (Feat. Yoga Class)

Friday January 15 (Feat. Sickboy Podcast Live Show)

Saturday January 16 (Feat. Reading & Sex Talk with Kaleigh Trace)

Sunday January 17 (Feat. Brunch with Risky’s)

1 thought on “Tickets on Sale for Let’s Try This Standing”

  1. I saw the performance this afternoon. I thought it was incredibly moving, powerful, brave and was played beautifully. I am an artist/researcher working in the field of medical humanities. This play has given me so much to think about as I explore how the arts can be such a powerful medium to critically inform medicine, healthcare and it’s provision. A great deal still has to sink in after attending the play this afternoon, it was wonderful. Thank you.


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